Our company was established in 1974 in Istanbul to produce , firstly, diesel engine parts.


Start of Water Pump Production

The design and production of the first agricultural irrigation pumps to be used in diesel engines started with the Yağmur brand.

The Beginning of Using Yağmur Brand’s Products

Yağmur brand has been registered to be used in agricultural machinery and agricultural irrigation pumps.

1980 updown

First Export

Shortly after the start of its production, our company made the first agricultural irrigation pump exports to Egypt with a batch of 6,000 items.

1986 updown

Production of the first motor tiller machine in Turkey

The design of production motor tiller machines used in certain regions in Turkey has started with YET 360 model that is 100% made by our company.

1990 updown

Production of the first Mini Motor Tiller - YET 250

Following the changing customer demands, Turkey's first mini-motor tiller machine YET 250 has been started to be produced for small farmers and hobby users.


The Beginning of YET 510 Model’s Production

With the introduction of the Motor Tiller Machines as an additional function for transportation, YET 510 model, which has diesel engine at 12 HP power in the direction of stronger product demands, is now the flagship of our company and copied later by many companies due to its popularity, has been started to be produced.

1994 updown

First Exports Realization - Syria

Due to the constantly increasing quality and production capacity, export operations have started and our company has exported the first motor tiller machines to Syria.

1997 updown

Moving to Beylikduzu Factory

In order to meet increasing demands, we moved to a factory with a closed area of 12.000 m2 located in Beylikdüzü, Istanbul.

1998 updown

Participation in the First Foreign Trade Fair - EIMA, Italy

In 1998, we started our first European adventure by attending the EIMA Agriculture Fair, one of the biggest agricultural fairs in Europe.

First export to Europe - Italy

In the same year we started exporting Motor Tiller machines to Italy, the country where the Motor tillers machine was first produced in the world, and we are still working as the only distributor of Italy with our same customer.

2000 updown

The Purchase of Valpadana

In 2000, we have purchased the Valpana company established in 1956, of which we were the distributor in Turkey before and one of Europe's largest two wheel tractor manufacturers and we moved the factory to Turkey.

Starting to Produce Tractors

We started the garden tractor production in Turkey with the license of Italian Landini Firm in same year.

2002 updown

Exclusive OEM Agreement with Lombardini

In 2002, as a result of the emergence of the need to use better quality engines and our increasing exports, we signed Exclusive OEM Agreement with Italian Lombardini Company which first springs to mind as for Diesel Engine and we became the only user in Turkey.

2003 updown

Startting to Produce YET 130/150 Models

Production of YET 130 / YET 150 models which are used as belt / hoop and also for hobby purposes has started.

2005 updown

Starting to Produce YET 300 Model

Owing to achieving success in a very short period of time, our currently the best selling model YET 300, which was copied by many companies,was started to be produced.

2006 updown

Establishment of Yagmur Italia SRL Comany

Yagmur Italia SRL company was established in Trieste city of Italy to organize our overseas operations more effectively.

2014 updown

Starting to Produce Grass Cutting Series

Production of meadow mower has been started in line with the demands of Yağmur brand.

2015 updown

250,000th Motor Tiller Machine

Our company has produced 250.000th Motor Tiller Machine.

2016 updown

Beginning of Using Kuarp ERP Program

Quarp ERP software program, developed entirely by our own engineers and software team in Sares, has been started to use by Yağmur Company.

30th Year of Motor Tiller Machine Production in Turkey

30 years has passed over the first motor tiller machine produced in Turkey. The first produced YET 360 model motor tiller machines still serve its users today.

2017 updown

Yağmur - Sares Integration

Due to the change in the partnership structure of Yağmur Company in 2017, 100% share of Yağmur Company was taken over by the founding partner and chairman of our company Mr. Şükrü SARAÇ. Then the departments of the Yağmur and Sares companies began to integrate and move together.