Yağmur mowers has a wide product selection to respond the needs of both amateur, semi-professional and professional users. High end features are offered with Yağmur mowers such as double blade cutter bars with fingers, oil bath cutter bar drives to serve users even in the most severe conditions. Yağmur Sarp mowers are available in a range of powerful diesel and petrol engines for excellent mowing performance. They are also equipped with outstanding systems such as HBS, TDS and AVS.

Perfect Cut

Single and double blade cutter bars provide perfect cut.

Professional Quality

Gearboxes are designed for full professional and intensive use.

High Quality

High quality raw materials, precision production and strict quality control process.

Effective After Sales

Wide service network and efficient after sales system operates through cloud.


Compliance with the latest and highest safety standards.


Having superior performance engine options, the Sarp 186 offers excellent results with its 110 cm wide cutter blades.

Yağmur Sarp 160 easily harvests all kinds of fodder and weeds with its engine at 6.5 horsepower and blades at 90 cm cut width.