Yağmur offers widest range of power tillers, from amateur users to professional users to be used on toughest jobs. The YET series offer 7 different models in the product range with various versions with petrol and diesel engines which produce power from 6.5 HP to 22 HP. Also there are other optionals to choose like electric start and headlights on select models. Thanks to Yağmur’s know-how and deep experience, YET series is equipped with unique features such as TDS and AVS.


Compliance with the latest and highest safety standards.

Easy to Use

Lightweight and easy to use thanks to modern aluminum gearboxes.

High Quality

High quality raw materials, precision production and strict quality control process.


Vertical and horizontal adjustable handlebars and low vibration with AVS system.

Effective After Sales

Wide service network and efficient after sales system operates through cloud.


Yağmur YET 130 Motor tillers machine has a simple and safe use. It gives excellent results even in hard soil.

You can hoe in a practical way by saving your time with the YET 150 motor tillers, which is the ideal solution for small gardens.

Yağmur YET 250 will be irreplaceable for your garden thanks to its 2 forward 1 back gearbox and 180 degree rotating handlebars.

The YET 300 motor tiller machine provides unique performance with a 90 cm width tiller group.

Challenge the limits with Turkey’s most powerful and compact motor tiller YET 320 model.

The YET 360 will surprise you with its powerful engine options,through which you can get excellent results even in the hardest lands.

It’s a professional!
The YET 510 is unrivalled with its challenging structure and exceptional engine performance!